Sunday February 25, 2018
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testimonials1"I love my Woodforms bedroom furniture and have enjoyed seeing the cherry age and darken over the years.  The quality is so great I even shipped two bedroom sets to my second home in Florida"
-Harold Curette
 Burlington, VT


"You can buy bargain furniture at some of the big chains, but it isn't the same quality
or craftsmanship as Woodforms."

-Marcia Parsons
 North Easton, MA


testimonials2"A true honor to American Craftsmanship, my Woodforms bedroom is as beautiful and solid today as it was the day we brought it home over 7 years ago."

-Cindy Totman
 Stoughton, MA


"Our new family room is the favorite room in the house thanks to Woodforms.  Our home theater blends right into our decor, and the peace of mind knowing our investment is protected with sturdy, well crafted furnishings is priceless."
-Catherine Foster
New Haven, CT


testimonials3"My husband and I received our new Armoire last week.  We've been proud owners of a Woodforms bed for about 2 years now and we were so pleased to find the matching Armoire.  Now we're both excited to watch our piece mature and develop it's character as our bed has.  Couldn't be happier!!!  Thanks Woodforms!"
-Dianne Anderson
 Portland, ME


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