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Woodforms offers custom designed options without the custom prices.  All Woodforms options are available in any of our collections.  Don't be afraid to mix and match different beds with casegoods in different collections to create your own unique room of art.  For instance, a Shaker bed with Luna casegoods or a Willow bed with Shaker casegoods.  We invite you to create your own unique bedroom from all available options and styles shown.  These choices are always available with the Woodforms line.

Characteristics of Cherry

features ageFine furniture-grade Cherry has distinctive characteristics inherent in the wood that make it aesthetically pleasing and unique.  Throughout our website you will see the unique characteristics of the wood including pin knots1, sap streaks2, and gum pockets3.  Freshly sawn (new) Cherry will be lighter in color, and as it ages the wood darkens and increases in character, contrast and finally achieves a rich, reddish even textured patina within approximately 12 months.

Please understand that Woodforms does not consider either the aging process of Cherry, nor its inherent characteristics as flaws; and these are not grounds for complaint, credit or return.  All of Woodforms fine hardwood furniture is constructed by master craftsmen who know how to finish each piece to its advantage.  Customers should be familiar with these characteristics of hardwood and enjoy the uniqueness and authenticity of each piece.


features pin

Pin knots are small dark clusters where tiny branches may have grown but failed to mature.


features sap

Sap streaks show up in areas where the tree may have carried its food and water.


features gum

Gum pockets are caused by the oxidation of minerals absorbed by sap-bearing trees.





features dovetailFeatures


  • All drawers are constructed using a French (sliding dovetail) except understorage drawer pedastals.
  • All drawer-boxes are 3/4" solid Eastern White Pine.
  • All casegood drawers are available on either:
    features sliders~Epoxy coated side mounted drawer runners. These silky smooth, self-closing runners boast a 75 lb. capacity.
    ~Full Extension sliders. These ball bearing sliders give full access to the rear of the drawer and offer 100 lb. capacity.
  • All Media Cabinet drawers feature Full Extension sliders. These ball bearing sliders give full access to the rear of the drawer and offer 100 lb. capacity.
  • All drawer runners feature a lifetime warranty.
  • features hardwareBed rails utilize German hardware which creates a rigid and easy-to-assemble connection.
  • All bed slats are made from hardwood (twin beds from White Pine).
  • Desks feature a drop-down key-board drawer front.
  • All queen and king size beds come with center support.
  • All mirrors are 1/4" thick beveled glass.
  • features mirrorsWoodforms offers a one-year manufacturer's warranty from date of purchase.
  • All our sawdust is taken and used by local dairy farmers.
  • All our scrap wood, skids, and pallets are burned for residential heating by our local community.
  • All our cardboard is reused when possible, and recycled when not.

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